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RELAMPIT Price List as of 18 Jul 2018

Manufacturer Part Number Description Condition Weight Res/Com Price (USD) Gov/Edu Price (USD) In Stock
20-01032-20- RL SMART 20-01032-20 LAMP New $114.41 $114.41 Email
310-5513- RL DELL 310-5513 PROJECTOR LAMP New $138.75 $138.75 Email
310-7578- RL DELL 310-7578 PROJECTOR LAMP P/N 468-8985 2400MP New $134.96 $134.96 Email
400-0500-00- RL PROJECTIONDESIGN 400-0500-00 REPLACEMENT LAMP New $264.17 $264.17 Email
610-325-2940- RL SANYO 610-325-2940 LAMP P/N POA-LMP99 New $115.56 $115.56 Email
610-340-8569- RL SANYO 610-340-8569 LAMP POA-LMP126 PROMETHEAN PRM10-LAMP New $132.45 $132.45 Email
78-6969-9880-2- RL 3M 78-6969-9880-2 LAMP New $245.30 $245.30 Email
AN-C55LP- RL SHARP AN-C55LP PROJECTOR LAMP New $207.56 $207.56 Email
AN-F212LP- RL SHARP AN-F212LP PROJECTOR LAMP New $213.84 $213.84 Email
AN-XR10L2- RL SHARP AN-XR10L2 PROJECTOR LAMP New $197.49 $197.49 Email
AN-XR10LP- RL SHARP AN-XR10LP PROJECTOR LAMP New $151.36 $151.36 Email
AN-XR30LP- RL SHARP AN-XR30LP PROJECTOR LAMP New $226.42 $226.42 Email
DT00751- RL HITACHI DT00751 PROJECTOR LAMP New $126.14 $126.14 Email
DT00771- RL HITACHI DT00771 PROJECTOR LAMP P/N CPX605LAMP New $264.17 $264.17 Email
DT00841- RL HITACHI DT00841 PROJECTOR LAMP P/N CPX201/X301/X401LAMP New $145.06 $145.06 Email
DT01021- RL HITACHI DT01021 PROJECTOR LAMP P/N CPX2010LAMP New $124.76 $124.76 Email
ELPLP22- RL EPSON ELPLP22 PROJECTOR LAMP P/N V13H010L22 New $145.06 $145.06 Email
ELPLP25- RL EPSON ELPLP25 PROJECTOR LAMP P/N V13H010L25 New $170.29 $170.29 Email
ELPLP30- RL EPSON ELPLP30 PROJECTOR LAMP P/N V13H010L30 New $132.45 $132.45 Email
ELPLP32- RL EPSON ELPLP32 PROJECTOR LAMP P/N V13H010L32 New $132.45 $132.45 Email
ELPLP34- RL EPSON ELPLP34 PROJECTOR LAMP P/N V13H010L34 New $107.11 $107.11 Email
ELPLP36- RL EPSON ELPLP36 PROJECTOR LAMP P/N V13H010L36 New $124.76 $124.76 Email
ELPLP37- RL EPSON ELPLP37 PROJECTOR LAMP P/N V13H010L37 New $157.68 $157.68 Email
ELPLP38- RL EPSON ELPLP38 PROJECTOR LAMP P/N V13H010L38 New $126.14 $126.14 Email
ELPLP40- RL EPSON ELPLP40 PROJECTOR LAMP P/N V13H010L40 New $141.28 $141.28 Email
ELPLP41- RL EPSON ELPLP41 PROJECTOR LAMP P/N V13H010L41 New $89.17 $89.17 Email
ELPLP42- RL EPSON ELPLP42 PROJECTOR LAMP P/N V13H010L42 New $89.17 $89.17 Email
ELPLP45- RL EPSON ELPLP45 PROJECTOR LAMP P/N V13H010L45 New $182.90 $182.90 Email
ELPLP50- RL EPSON ELPLP50 PROJECTOR LAMP P/N V13H010L50 New $107.11 $107.11 Email
ELPLP57- RL EPSON ELPLP57 PROJECTOR LAMP P/N V13H010L57 New $132.45 $132.45 Email
ELPLP60- RL EPSON ELPLP60 PROJECTOR LAMP P/N V13H010L60 New $126.14 $126.14 Email
ET-LAB30- RL PANASONIC ET-LAB30 LAMP New $126.14 $126.14 Email
ET-LAB50- RL PANASONIC ET-LAB50 LAMP P/N New $157.68 $157.68 Email
ET-LAB80- RL PANASONIC ET-LAB80 LAMP P/N New $145.06 $145.06 Email
ET-LAD40- RL PANASONIC ET-LAD40 SINGLE LAMP New $326.53 $326.53 Email
ET-LAD40W- RL TWIN PACK PANASONIC ET-LAD40W LAMP New $401.88 $401.88 Email
ET-LAD57- RL PANASONIC ET-LAD57 SINGLE LAMP New $213.84 $213.84 Email
ET-LAD57W- RL TWIN PACK PANASONIC ET-LAD57W LAMP New $427.00 $427.00 Email
ET-LAD60A- RL PANASONIC ET-LAD60A SINGLE LAMP New 1.50 $213.84 $213.84 Email
ET-LAF100- RL PANASONIC ET-LAF100A LAMP New $182.90 $182.90 Email
NP01LP- RL NEC NP01LP PROJECTOR LAMP New $220.13 $220.13 Email
NP04LP- RL NEC NP04LP PROJECTOR LAMP New $145.06 $145.06 Email
NP05LP- RL NEC NP05LP PROJECTOR LAMP New $176.59 $176.59 Email
NP06LP- RL NEC NP06LP PROJECTOR LAMP New $264.17 $264.17 Email
NP07LP- RL NEC NP07LP PROJECTOR LAMP New $176.59 $176.59 Email
SP-LAMP-009- RL INFOCUS SP-LAMP-009 LAMP New $163.98 $163.98 Email
SP-LAMP-016- RL INFOCUS SP-LAMP-016 LAMP New $220.13 $220.13 Email
SP-LAMP-017- RL INFOCUS SP-LAMP-017 LAMP New $185.43 $185.43 Email
SP-LAMP-018- RL INFOCUS LAMP SP-LAMP-018 New $124.76 $124.76 Email
SP-LAMP-019- RL INFOCUS SP-LAMP-019 LAMP New $138.75 $138.75 Email
SP-LAMP-024- RL INFOCUS SP-LAMP-024 LAMP New $143.80 $143.80 Email
SP-LAMP-028- RL INFOCUS SP-LAMP-028 LAMP New $163.98 $163.98 Email
SP-LAMP-039- RL INFOCUS SP-LAMP-039 LAMP New $163.98 $163.98 Email
VLT-XD2000LP- RL MITSUBISHI VLT-XD2000LP LAMP New $220.13 $220.13 Email
VLT-XD205LP- RL MITSUBISHI VLT-XD205LP LAMP New $138.75 $138.75 Email
VLT-XD221LP- RL MITSUBISHI VLT-XD221LP LAMP New $126.14 $126.14 Email
VLT-XD400LP- RL MITSUBISHI VLT-XD400LP LAMP New $151.36 $151.36 Email
VLT-XD430LP- RL MITSUBISHI LAMP VLT-XD430LP New $145.06 $145.06 Email
VLT-XL5950LP- RL MITSUBISHI LAMP VLT-XL5950LP New $185.43 $185.43 Email
VLT-XL8LP- RL MITSUBISHI VLT-XL8LP LAMP New $170.29 $170.29 Email
VT60LP- RL NEC VT60LP PROJECTOR LAMP New $215.11 $215.11 Email
VT75LP- RL NEC VT75LP PROJECTOR LAMP New $151.36 $151.36 Email
VT85LP- RL NEC VT85LP PROJECTOR LAMP New .70 $170.29 $170.29 Email

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