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MS LA Price List as of 18 Jul 2018

Manufacturer Part Number Description Condition Weight Res/Com Price (USD) Gov/Edu Price (USD) In Stock
021-07257 LA ENG OFFICE LIC/SA PACK OLV NL 1YR ACQ Y1ADDTL PROD New $233.70 $233.70 Email
021-10257 LA OLP NL OFFICESTD 2013 SNGL New $371.20 $371.20 Email
065-08133 LA OLP SNGL EXCEL 2013 NL New $210.36 $210.36 Email
076-05334 LA OLP PRJCT 2013 SNGL NL New $645.97 $645.97 Email
395-04412 LA OLV SUBS EXCHGSVRENT ALNG LICSAPK E 1Y ACDMC AP New $388.39 $388.39 Email
543-06071 LA OUTLK 2013 OLP NL GOV New $59.71 $59.71 Email
76N-03627 LA SHAREPOINTENTCAL 2013 OLP NL GOV USRCAL New $81.67 $81.67 Email
79P-04749 LA OLP NL SNGL OFFICE PRO PLUS 2013 New $582.65 $582.65 Email
7NQ-00050 LA SQLSVRSTDCORE ALNG SAPK OLV 2LIC E 1Y ACDMC AP New $343.72 $343.72 Email
D87-06007 LA VISIO PRO ALNG SAPK OLV E 1Y ACDMC ENT New $5.54 $5.54 Email
FQC-08190 LA OLP WINPRO 8.1 SNGL UPGRD NL New $214.41 $214.41 Email
G3S-00761 LA WINSVRESSNTLS 2012R2 SNGL OLP NL New $573.60 $573.60 Email
H22-02465 LA PRJCTSVR 2013 SNGL OLP NL New $6,497.80 $6,497.80 Email
H22-02491 LA PRJCTSVR 2013 OLP NL GOV New $4,294.19 $4,294.19 Email
P73-06272 LA OLP WINSVRSTD 2012R2 SNGL NL ACDMC 2PROC New $219.96 $219.96 Email
V6J-00462 LA OLP WINMULTIPOINTSVRSTD 2012 SNGL NL New $377.80 $377.80 Email
V7J-00933 LA OLP WINMULTIPOINTSVRPREM 2012 SNGL NL New $936.49 $936.49 Email

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