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Lumia Price List as of 20 Mar 2017

Manufacturer Part Number Description Condition Weight Res/Com Price (USD) Gov/Edu Price (USD) In Stock
A00026197 LUMIA L950XL DS (BLACK), SKU#MD7-00001 New 1.30 $647.96 $647.96 67
A00026232 LUMIA L950XL DS (WHITE), SKU#MD7-00002 New 1.30 $647.96 $647.96 Email
A00026319 LUMIA L950, MSFT SKU#MF9-00001 New 1.30 $615.87 $615.87 80
A00026601 LUMIA L550 (BLACK) SKU#MH3-00001 New .65 $123.42 $123.42 62
A00027316 LUMIA L650 DS (BLACK) SKU#MK4-00001 New .60 $166.62 $166.62 45
A00027602 LUMIA 640 XL LTE DS, SKU#JK5-00005 New .38 $270.30 $270.30 Email
HD-500 DEVICE DOCK - WIRED PRODUCTIVITY DEVICE JX9-00001 New 1.50 $79.48 $79.48 Email

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